25 April 2017

art is healing #1

As an artist I often experienced that being creative is healing very good. Today I want to show the first of a few artworks of mine, which really helped me. After a heavy period of illness, it was Crohn's disease ,  I made some multi exposures on roll film. With a wire release I stood in front of the camera (Mamiya C330), exposed, moved, exposed and so on. At this time I was in a deep and long depression and asked me who I am and made these inner dialogues visible. The process of photographing was spontaneous, intuitive and I actually didn't know what and why I am doing BUT is was very healing as I can say afterwards: not seeing myself, not knowing how I act to myself and of course not knowing how this all looks like on film - but after developing I was able to and can I can still develop :).  This series is called "Monologe Zwiegespräche" what translated will be "Monological dialogues" and it'S from 2008. It was exposed a few times, last time in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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