25 April 2017

Tea bag -bee creative

For little tea bag I was inspired by the lines and forms which the tea leaves on the bag after drying.
I could see 2 1/2 circles, one of them has two "horns" Remembering a great documentation about springtime in Europe I saw a few days ago on TV i paintend this little queen bee with heart :)

I used watercolors, pencil and some washi tape to fix it.

art is healing #1

As an artist I often experienced that being creative is healing very good. Today I want to show the first of a few artworks of mine, which really helped me. After a heavy period of illness, it was Crohn's disease ,  I made some multi exposures on roll film. With a wire release I stood in front of the camera (Mamiya C330), exposed, moved, exposed and so on. At this time I was in a deep and long depression and asked me who I am and made these inner dialogues visible. The process of photographing was spontaneous, intuitive and I actually didn't know what and why I am doing BUT is was very healing as I can say afterwards: not seeing myself, not knowing how I act to myself and of course not knowing how this all looks like on film - but after developing I was able to and can I can still develop :).  This series is called "Monologe Zwiegespräche" what translated will be "Monological dialogues" and it'S from 2008. It was exposed a few times, last time in Tbilisi, Georgia.

20 April 2017

Portrait on wood

I bought a few embellishments for the matchboxes I sold at the Glückskoffer market in Rheine. They were in little wooden boxes which I set aside - don't throw anything away :D. Remember the little collages I made with the cheese boxes? This time I painted a little black & white portrait on one of these boxes. It measures 10 x10 cm and I used white water color and a charcoal pencil, thats all.

I wasn't happy with that but first couldn't get why

Then I saw that some of her face parts and neck are too big and decided she needs more forehead 

18 April 2017

books books books books

Aren't they all loveley??

Oh what a wonderful arty day!!! This morning my mail box had two surprises for me :)
A very beautiful miniature book from my dear friend Steffi. We worked together for the art mail project and I saw what she did, of course...but to get it by mail, finished as an easter book and with a very lovely card and notice it is more beautiful than it ever was. Thank you so much!


The second miniature book I got from Martina. It is adorable!! A very big! book, made with much love as I saw already on the first sight. As I opened it, I saw two insides - what a great idea!
Thank you very much for this book Martina!


Now I got my mobile back I was able to photograph the other books I received from Jennifer, Ulla and Charlotte

Charlotte made this little Origami-Leporello

Ulla made this wonderful mini book with dried flowers, a pop up bee, paintings and handmade papers

And Jennifer made me feel :)